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"Sir, you have another meeting scheduled at 1pm."

Luhan stops talking and looks up from his neatly-bound, leather schedule book when he feels the intense gaze of Kris’ eyes fixed on his face. He clutches the book tightly in his fingers, colored post-it notes sticking out of it at odd angles, as if it can somehow stop his boss’ heavy stare from twisting and pulling at his insides.

He squirms uncomfortably. “Sir? Are you listening to

Luhan lets out a high-pitched yelp when Kris pushes out of his chair, marches around his ostentatious mahogany desk, and clamps one of his abnormally large hands on Luhan’s slender wrist. Before Luhan can protest, he is being yanked out of the door and Kris is barking at the surprised employees, I won’t be back until tomorrow. Cancel all of my appointments.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Luhan tries to piece together the words to tell Kris that the other employees can’t cancel all of his appointments. Technically, that is part of Luhan’s job, except he can’t very well fulfill his job as Kris’ secretary when he’s being shoved inside an elevator and manhandled out of the company building.

"Sir," Luhan pants, as he is dragged after the imposingly tall man and through the basement parking lot.

"Stop calling me that."

"Kris?" Luhan tries again.

But when there is still no answer, only the resounding footsteps against cement as they approach Kris’ car, Luhan’s blood begins to boil and he snaps.

Wu Yi Fan, stop dragging me around or I will kill you,” he snarls.

Kris turns around with a smirk. “Much better. I almost thought my best friend from China had forgotten my name.”

"We’re working right now," Luhan whispers furiously. "It’s called being professional

Kris opens the passenger door and throws Luhan into the seat. “Do you like Japanese? I’m sort of feeling like sushi.”

"Stop cutting me off you evil fucker!" Luhan all but screeches as his arms flail wildly in every direction.

The petite, honey blond fumes in his seat while Kris walks to the other side and buckles himself into the car with the look of a cat that just got the canary.

"So sushi? There’s also this nice Italian place I know."

"Let me out so I can key your car."

Kris laughs, the warmth of the sound travels to the pit of Luhan’s stomach and he hates how easily Kris affects him.

"You value your job don’t you?" Kris grins, one hand resting on the steering wheel.

"Are you threatening me into a date with you?” Luhan splutters indignantly.

"I believe it’s called gentle coercion."

Luhan sinks back into the plush interior of his seat, crossing his arms over his chest, and angrily pouts as Kris tries to lean over and put his seatbelt on for him. He fights Kris the entire way, refusing to move his arms to make it any easier. After a few minutes though, Luhan’s suit looking rumpled and disheveled, a condescending smirk back on Kris’ face, they pull out of the parking lot and onto the main road. Kris raises an eyebrow in Luhan’s direction as if to prompt him to pick their destination for lunch.

Luhan lets himself glower in misery for a little while longer before he turns his head to look out the window and snaps, “Sushi. And it better be the best fucking sushi I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.”

The sound of held-back laughter and shouts to slow the fuck down you moron litter the bright afternoon day.

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